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Ideally, it would be someone who can work remotely from anywhere in the world. I love people that daydream and have clear goals an a purpose in life.

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You need to be practical. Traveling is not about the places you visit but the people you share moments with. Helping can take many forms. So realizing that and give back to the people that had less opportunities in life is something I really care about. They are very important things to me. I care a lot about them. I hate smoking. Save my and your time, please. And family is the most important thing for me. But at least good people. I was not sure to write this or not but I finally decided to include it because having lived abroad gives you a different way to look at the world.

People that have had an exchange experiences or that have lived in another country or that come from a multicultural family even better are way more open to new things and understanding and accepting the differences between people. The world would be very different if people would travel more. Lo que no sabías de Tinder knowing Spanish would be nice. Many people told me this was a stupid thing to do, and I kind of agree with them. De verdad se agradece su gran disposición y apoyo en todo momento!! Translated by Google I have made great progress since day one and they make it easier with so many variations and expressions that one would never imagine You really appreciate your great willingness and support at all times!

And what about its cost, it's so accessible that I still don't believe it, I paid a lot more in other places and I didn't learn as much as here.

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Excellent system! Javier Rivas 8 October, Pongo 5 estrellas porque no me deja poner !!.

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Este curso, y esta forma de enseñar es increíble, estoy aprendiendo mucho, me parece la fórmula perfecta para aprender, la pronunciación que se coge desde la primera clase lo cambia todo. Muchas gracias Fran y Carlos, ahora puedo decir que por fin estoy aprendiendo inglés!!! Translated by Google I put 5 stars because it doesn't let me put !!

This course, and this way of teaching is incredible, I am learning a lot, it seems to me the perfect formula to learn, the pronunciation that is taken from the first class changes everything. In my case I have a very good ear for English because I have been watching only English videos on YouTube for a year before studying before I did not understand anything , but I have little understanding because I understand words and not phrases and I am not fluent or speak almost anything, because Well, thanks to this course, I am noticing the change very quickly, especially the pronunciation and with this system the fluency will also come a few days I advise doing this course to everyone because you really learn fast and it is fun to I get bored studying English because I have been studying English for a lifetime with zero results I am from Spain En2minutos 8 October, Paco Delgado 8 October, Muy contento con el curso.

I only miss a master class on Saturday morning for those of us who have a large workday during the week although not taught by teachers Carlos and Fran Thank you Jaime DF 8 October, El contenido es bueno. Los libros, los vídeos y los audios, son un material ameno y maravilloso. Para mi la parte negativa es que siendo un curso online, no permite tener los videos offline.

Por lo que debes estar conectado a internet para seguir el resto de materiales. Translated by Google The content is good. Books, videos and audios are a fun and wonderful material. For me the negative part is that being an online course, it does not allow to have offline videos.

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So you must be connected to the internet to follow the rest of the materials. Irene Camposo 8 October, David Donoso 7 October, Manuel R 7 October, Muy recomendado!.

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Gracias Chicos! Translated by Google I am very happy to have acquired this course, they are so precise in the mistakes that one normally commits, I like the approach they take in pronunciation since it is very true that of 'speak well and you will understand better' very good! I have improved a lot when understanding conversations with native speakers in English.

Highly recommended!. Thanks guys! Dionis Campines 7 October, Estoy muy motivada porque realmente veo que el método que describis se ajusta a la realidad del aprendizaje del inglés Un curso muy recomendable. Muchas gracias por todo, Un saludo Translated by Google Hello Fran, I have been studying for two weeks, and I have to say that the course is being very useful. I am very motivated because I really see that the method you describe fits the reality of learning English A highly recommended course. Thank you so much for everything, a greeting Mónica Coso García 7 October, Aunque sOlo estoy practicando en el basico.

Me gusta. Los 2 maestros hermanos presentan seriedad y honestidad.. Muy contento. Gracias Translated by Google Although I am only practicing in the basic.

I like it. The 2 brother teachers present seriousness and honesty.. Very happy. Thank you David Quinones 7 October, Estoy aprendiendo a pronunciar correctamente. La verdad es que estoy encantada.

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Espero que esta vez sea la definitiva en mi intento por aprender inglés. Ha sido todo un acierto!! Translated by Google I've been with your classes for a short time but they are fantastic.

I am learning to pronounce correctly. The truth is that I am delighted. I hope this time is the final one in my attempt to learn English. It has been a great success!! Nélida Quintana 7 October, Muchísimas gracias a los dos y a las personas que hagan posible cursos así. Estoy encantada!! Los estoy haciendo desde principiante para no dejarme nada, jeje Translated by Google Of course I will, I have been studying English since I was a child, even giving private lessons and with your course I have understood more than in all these years and improved pronunciation and therefore understanding.

The only thing that fails me is the master class because I can never be but soon I can. I need to practice it but I don't know how to panic when I try.

Thank you very much to both of you and to the people who make such courses possible. I'm delighted!! I'm doing them from beginner to leave me nothing, hehe Rosalía 7 October, A mi me chiflan estos chicos, por la alegría, facilidad con la que enseñan un idioma que llevaba atascado desde siempre Muchísimas gracias a los dos.

Translated by Google I love these guys, for the joy, ease with which they teach a language that has always stuck Thank you so much to both of you. Translated by Google youtalktv plus, is a dynamic method that motivates us to be persevering in the learning of the English language, its instructors Fran and Carlos Monaj, every day they are updating in new ways they are taught to help us and facilitate the way of learning, as well as improving your online platform so that it is easier to manage for your subscribers.

If you want to learn English as a native you should not waste more time and join youtalktv plus. Ahora sí que noto mis avances en el intento de comunicarme. Totalmente recomendable. Translated by Google I love this method, finally there is one that is more dedicated to pronunciation and fluency than grammar although there is also. Now I do notice my progress in trying to communicate.

Totally recommended. Realmente aprendes a hablar y a entender el inglés. Por fin estoy evolucionando y por fin salvaré mi inglés.